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Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's over Johnny... It's Over!!!

So much for the shoddy stunt work McCain tried to pull earlier this week. He returned to Washington after suspending his campaign, because he was going to save us all from the mess he had help to create back in the 90s. What a bunch of bullshit. Like we're that stupid. What could you expect from a guy who picked Sarah Palin to watch his back. By the way, is she ever going to be allowed to say anything to anyone on any subject. She totally hosed her interview with Katie Couric. Considering that Palin won't be talking to anyone else, something she needs to do in order to sharpen her senses, between now and her scheduled debate with Biden, I seriously doubt she's going to be impressive either. Watch closely folks, this is what happens when a politician compromises his beliefs for power. What a train wreck that campaign has turned out to be. Far worse than I could have imagined it. It's sad to see a guy like McCain fall flat on his ass. Especially since he might break his hip. The debate was his last opportunity to bring some mojo back to his campaign and he totally blew it. If I sound like i feel bad for McCain, I do. I actually liked him in 2000 and would have voted for him because he was moderate and at that time a real maverick. Now he's just another rich, old, white guy who wants to be president.

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