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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Raise Your Hands Part Deux

Some of you have been hatin' on me since my first post concerning race relations and this election. As usual, I predicted this would get racial and ugly before long. Calling BO a "Terrorist" and saying "he's an Arab" are just the beginning of this depravity. I'm not angry at white folk. I repeat, when the race war starts, if you have been cool with me, I will vouch for you. However, I believe that this is a pivotal moment for y'all. The fact that even die hard conservatives like Chris Buckley, who was probably taught to read "Conscious of a Conservative" before he was potty trained and beaten with the hardcover when he didn't "Get it Right", are all abandoning ship, should tell you something; It's time to admit that you are having a hard time with a black dude as president. What more do you need? Let's break this down. You have an old man, with a shitty temper and a penchant for making shittier decisions, who has chosen to run for presidency with a slow witted weasel with a fast and untrustworthy tongue. She, who makes Bush look like a Rhodes Scholar, has decided to avoid giving any honest answers on the campaign trail, instead choosing to use inflammatory language to scare people. The result of all of this has been one disastrous campaign stop after the other for McCain and it appears that BO will win by a major landslide, and his party will gain a SUPER majority in both houses. You have a great opportunity here, if you are white and are hellbent on voting for McCain. You can face the truth and come to terms with your fears or you can continue fooling yourself into believing that McCain is the candidate you have been waiting for all your life and the one man who will best represent you in Washington. You will be part of a historic campaign regardless of who you vote for. My only hope for you is that you will be on the right side of history.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

"Shakespeare For Everybody"

I'm baaaaaaaack.
Just started skool. This makes me Kool.
The rest of the kids can drool.
Thank god I ain't no fool.

I got nothing else.

Lot's of work. Lot's of reading. This insomnia is going to kill me.

Must... write... play.
Must... write... story.
Must... write... more....

It has been a tough first week. But, very rewarding. I'm with writers, doing writer things. I am a writer, doing writer things. Mostly writing and talking about writing and films and culture and movies and all the stuff I like to talk about with friends when I'm out drinking. Except, now I get paid and there is no beer involved unless it's after class. I can't wait for next semester; a media class that involves the role of video games in pop culture. My nipples just got hard.
Favorite question: So, what's your genre??
Favorite answer: Whatever comes out, man!
Will check in again soon. Maybe after I have first act down and at least 15 pages of descriptive narrative.
Writing the blog is a fucking reward?? HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

End Scene

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