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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Not This Time, Bi-otch!

It's Over Johnny! It's Over!
No shenanigans, no recount, no hanging chads, No robocalls, no commercials with ominous black guys that want to gut you while you sleep, no heavily mascaraed Sec. of State, no supreme court, NOTHING! Do you hear me? Nothing, will stop us. We are taking back this country! No bullshit is going to stop the eminent victory of Barack Obama on Tuesday! GET YOUR ASS TO A VOTING BOOTH ON TUESDAY AND DO NOT DELAY! Now all we will need is the 60 super majority and this country can start the long trek back to decency that we have been missing for the last 8 years.
NOTE: If they let us down this time, they have no excuses. They have been given the tools, the power and the political collateral to change things for the better. If they screw up it is their fault, not ours! The Dems have the world by the balls. I just hope they don't do the typical liberal thing and start infighting and openly criticising each other; unity must be their game plan. Cuz if they blow it, I swear I will not hesitate to go back to voting Republican.

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