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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hollywood Goes Native

A reviewer from "Mail Online" called it Dances with Smurfs. I've read a lot of commentaries in the past few days concerning Avatar; people taking shots at James Cameron; complaining about everything from how expensive the film is, to how flimsy and cliche' the story is. I think that there are many valid points to be made about what's bad about the film; cliche', sure; flimsy plot line, OK; $450 mil production costs, that's the producers problem not yours; this is the most visually stunning film since LOTR; money well spent says my artistic sensibilities. But, the commentary about how racist the film is, is too much even for my radical ass.
The criticism goes like this; you've got a white, male protagonist who goes "native", hooks up with the tribe's princess and becomes the "great white hope," saving all the natives from the evil that is upon them. There is some discussion as to whether this film is just another white fantasy flick, in which centuries of oppression are dealt with by placing a white person, in the role of savior to an entire race or tribe, such as in Dances With Wolves. I agree that there are many similarities and it is valid to ask the question, "why another white male in the position of hero and savior to an indigenous population, when there is clearly no basis in reality for such a role"; history has white folk pegged as oppressors (sorry, take it up with your ancestors not me).
Now, to clarify, I understand where the criticism is coming from and certainly some of it is quite valid in many ways; but this is Science Fiction, people! It's not supposed to reflect reality.
Calling Avatar another example of Hollywood's racist agenda is not seeing the forest for the trees. First off, our white, male protagonist is not just a white dude; he's white, yes, but he's also a vet, disabled and he's poor. Except for Coming Home (1978) I don't recall ever seeing a protagonist that hit all three of these diverse categories of "shit out of luck." This, my friends, is diversity and insisting that since he's white the character is not fit for the role of hero to these people, is denying these other facts concerning the character and makes me wonder why they would be ignored in the first place by some of these critics.
The women in this film are all in powerful roles. Sigourney Weaver is a ball busting, brilliant scientist (smartest person in the film) and I should point out that the character, like the actress, is pushing 70; lest we forget that diversity also applies to age. Zoe Saldana as the leader of these aliens (actually she becomes leader later in the film, sorry about the spoiler, but it becomes obvious early on she's going to take charge anyways) is a courageous warrior, who holds her own against the males in her tribe. She doesn't fall for "avatar", Jake Sully, preferring to keep their relationship professional, until of course the two fall in love, which by my observation is a mutual affair (no rape, force or clubbing and dragging into a cave takes place). She is fierce, intelligent and deeply spiritual; another trifecta of shit women are not supposed to be in films. Lastly, Michelle Rodriguez's character, our fourth hero (notice: three heroic figures out of four are female) and clearly a woman of color; sacrifices herself in an incredibly valiant and unselfish act and not to mention is the only character on screen during a battle scene to reject violence and turns her back on the horror she sees. She is also, incidentally, the savior of this film, without her, forget the third act.
OK, so here we have it. Let's get this out in the open. As an aspiring film maker, screenwriter, what have you, I have a little bit of insight into how the system works and let me assure you that Hollywood only gives a fuck about one color; GREEN! They don't give a shit about our color, age, religion, political beliefs, struggles or whether you like Asian lady-boys for breakfast. They want your ass in the seat and they want you to bring a couple of friends and this movie is proof of that. 77 mil last week and 75 this week; guess what? It's a blockbuster and there is no denying that regardless of the criticisms it's going to go down in history as a smashing success and that is all that Hollywood gives a shit about. Everything else is incidental and instead of criticizing Cameron for the white male protagonist we should be recognizing him for getting a diversity of characters in positive roles.
Still not convinced? Well, then let me ask you this; the evil, racist, antagonists who were trying to destroy the natives without any consideration for their humanity, who were solely on the planet for the purpose of destroying everything in their paths and depriving the natives of any share of the wealth they were entitled to, weren't they rich, powerful, white males?
I think the only ones who should be bitching about this film's portrayal of power, gender and racial roles are those assholes on FOX and talk radio. Considering they have all but ignored this movie means they are either not going to the movies these days or our side is winning.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Terrorist Attack

I've spent the last two hours cruising the net reading up on the Fort Hood tragedy. So, I'm trying to discern whether this is just the story of some degenerate that can't deal with life who goes out and kills people or if he's a terrorist hell bent on destroying our way of life; apparently those are my two choices. And I come across this picture on the web. It's the type of gun he used. It's made by a company named Herstal owned by the Herstal group of Belgium. They have been making weapons since 1889 and their current client list includes NATO. Apparently they have a real hard on for death or at least for helping Americans and crazed clients worldwide quench their thirst for violence.

Americans own 2 million guns and according to the Guardian UK the FBI has been sifting through 7 million more applications, like the one Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan received, since Obama became president. This soldier, who by some accounts was so gentle he fed a pet bird from his own mouth and suffered racial slurs throughout his career in the army, is now the central figure in this terrible tragedy. The media has associated him with the Sept. 11th bombers. His religious views, which some are saying accounts for his opposition to the illegal wars we are still engaged in a year after we were promised CHANGE, are the focus of media reports that tell us a witness heard him yell, "god is great" in Arabic. And now Joe Lieberman, who has lost his fucking mind at this point, wants congress to investigate and decide on whether or not this incident could be called a terrorist attack; the consequences of which could be potentially disastrous for Muslims in this country. The blogs are teeming with messages from assholes demanding a good ol' fashioned dragging to peacenik commies who are admonishing us all to, "just take a breath."

Nations are fighting a dozen small wars around this world in places that don't register on the limited internal GPS taught to us as children. Violence is as normal a concept to us as would be a gun show next door to a kindergarten. Was this a terrorist attack? I think this was a terrorist attack, plain and simple. I think that it was an assault on innocent people. I believe the assailant of this crime to be the worst type of terrorist. But the true perpetrator, although believed to be apprehended, won't face any charges. As long as we, as a species, continue to accept that violence can resolve what words cannot; until we have grown tired of brutality as sport, a remedy for dissent and a means to punctuate our intentions and while we continue to think that sending our young to die on foreign land and we allow them to lose hope on neighborhood block; we will never, ever cease to bring to justice the true perpetrators of violence upon our kind. They will instead be rewarded through our ignorance with our blood and billions of dollars in compensation for creating the best tools for ending human life.

Hasan is a terrorist, the same way that weapons manufacturers, corrupt governments and other masters of propaganda are terrorists; by proxy, by definition and by consent. Until we, the victims of these terrorists, demand that civilized societies be defined by the daily acts of compassion their citizens show towards one another, we will always be on the hunt for terrorists, we will forever be doomed to watch our youth die in conflicts and we will never cease to see terrible tragedies unfold in the headlines, and the Hasans and Herstals of this world will continue to spread misery, hate and sorrow.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stick the Bastard!

I ran out this weekend and picked up Windows 7. It's supposed to run leaner and meaner, so considering what a nightmare Vista has been, I was pretty stoked. I also happened upon a MacBook Pro 13 and now that I'm TAing I got a couple of greenbacks I can part with, so I pick one of those up too. I get home and start loading Win7. Two hours later, I keep getting error messages and when I look over my wife is on the couch with the new Mac. She had loaded all of the software that we got for the Mac and had been checking out all of the pre-loaded stuff and was on the net, etc... 20 minutes after she cracked the seal on the box and here I was 24 hours later still trying to load this piece of shit program on my Dell mini. 4 days later Word won't open files directly from the desktop unless the program is open, IE constantly shuts down all on it's own and freezes up, my Kapersky anti-virus was corrupted and needed to be reloaded and I'm still downloading the Win updates. All of this aggravation for the completely reasonable price of $149 and oh, did I mention that I ultimately had to reformat my drive and reload all of my software to get Win7 to load? Yeah, the error message I kept getting was that the program needed 13kMB; strange indeed considering that I had 13MB of space. Those trust me commercials are right on the nose. I'm a sucker and I admit it. Dick face over here got my money. It's the only product you buy that comes already broken, the store refuses to take it back and it's your responsibility to fix it. And the Mac? Well, I haven't seen it since my wife got her hands on it; but I have another payday coming up soon.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Genocide Day!

There are still some really sick people out there who deny that what Columbus did by setting sail and "discovering" (I can't believe they still teach that bullshit in school) was motivated by money and pussy. Seriously, that's all there was too it. Fuck civilization, fuck what you think you know about spreading Christianity, fuck all that shit... Dude, was a sailor and I've known enough sailors to know that the only thing that motivates a squidy to get his ass up out of a bunk is the promise of a paycheck and a brothel at the next port. Anybody who wants to ascribe some kind of honor or duty or humanistic trait to Columbus or what brought his cracker ass over here on that boat, doesn't know what the fuck they're talking about. Dude wanted money and pussy and he got plenty of both for his trouble; the natives got the short end of the stick, sure, but ultimately the white man made it up to them by giving them blankets, casinos and plenty of good exercise on those marches they were forced on. Now, anyone who thinks I'm being a facetious asshole, hasn't been checking out the discussion boards today on the internet. Columbus' crimes are being explained, examined and excused by a bunch of sick, demented assholes who have no understanding of the impact of those crimes. So, I came across this little website and I would urge everyone reading this to take a look and maybe consider that it's about time for us as a nation to grow up, face reality and stop believing in stupid shit like spend down economics, political parties, the fucking tooth fairy and yes, the bullshit idea that the world is a much better place because Columbus was a greedy, evil mother fucker. Next thing you're going to tell me is some Jewish kid died, came back three days later and his "sacrifice" has been the source of all happiness in the world for the last 2000 years.

Monday, October 05, 2009

La Douchies

I pull up to the Manhattan Beach post office and there are a couple of LaRouchies hanging out in front with their usual World-Bank-Zionist-Congress-Conspiracy bullshit, posters and I walk right past them, because it's just not worth my time to argue with deranged psychopaths. But, as I'm waiting in line I can sense that people are in a foul mood and their eyes are wondering around and their making eye contact with me and they all have that, "we really need to talk about this" look on their faces. I, however, am not inclined to carry on a conversation with strangers about anything more offensive than how cold it's getting, how warm it's getting or what my favorite brand of condoms is; since moving out here I have developed a great, "I won't fuck with you, if you don't fuck with me" laid-back, SoCal attitude.
So, I pay for my shit and start walking out of the post office, with every intention of walking to my car without so much as looking at the assholes out front. However, as you can imagine, our hero is not about to get off the hook that easily. This tall, golf tee wearing, white, Larouchie fuckface says to me with a big "I use cat shit for toothpaste" grin, "So, you like our poster?" I look over and these idiots have a picture of BO with a little Hitler mustache; like that shit is supposed to be funny.
I lost it on the guy. I really lost it. I asked him why he doesn't just come out and say that he's a white supremacist like the skin heads do; just be honest about the shit, right? Dude, comes back with, "Oh, just because I don't agree with Obama, I'm a racist. That's bullshit." Now, normally I'm all for challenging ideas and exchanging intelligent, rational thoughts for the sake of coming to some common understanding of issues; but that was just the wrong shit to say. I'll assume that this idiot had at least the capability of being a reasonable, intelligent person; so how can he ignore this nation's history of racism, oppression, systematic violence and murder perpetrated upon people of color? How can a person be so ignorant of this nation's racist violence and the racist violence of the Nazis that they would actually think that a poster that looks like the one above is anything but racist. Well, I boys and girls, have taken off the gloves. I am from this point forward confronting these racist assholes wherever they might hide. All of these Glen Beck, Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh worshiping morons are on notice; I know what you are and I'm going to call you out on your bullshit every time; these are white nationalism, white supremacy, white power, call them what you want, racist movements and if the Dems and the progressives out there want to continue the charade of trying to build some kind of consensus on issues with these bunch of sickos, then fuck all of them too. I'm going to call it like I see it and from now on when I see this sick, depraved, shit, I don't care if it's somebody's 80 year old granny out there, they are going to get an earful of what I gave this mental deficient in front of the post office today; "NO, asshole! What's racist is you comparing this nation's first black president to the perpetrator of one of the worst genocides in human history; THAT'S WHAT MAKES YOU A FUCKING RACIST! SO, FUCK YOU!!" And that, is how you deal with those mother fuckers.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Who Says There is No Future for the GOP??

I was watching Bill Maher yesterday, which I seldom have done; not only did I not have cable until recently, but I think he's a smarmy, little punk and his delivery is as pleasant as a kick in the nuts. In any case, he had Janeane Garofalo on and say what you will about her, I think she's incredibly brilliant and sexy and funny and thoughtful. I don't listen to her show; opting instead for Rachel Maddow or Amy Goodman when I want a smart, sexy, woman's political POV, but I have to say that I'm her newest fan. She said some incredibly poignant things concerning the GOP and how incredibly racist the party has become. The bigotry of the party leadership is no longer subdued or even the subject of debate and there is no greater evidence of the racism of the GOP than the violent reaction of it's rank and file membership to having a black man as president. I know I have been going on about this for sometime myself, but Jeneane said that, we need to stop beating around the bush and just call this shit what it is. So far we have had angry white folk showing up at "town hall" meetings, angry white folks showing up heavily armed at political rallies, angry white folk yelling "Liar" at the president and angry white folk suggesting that what is needed is a military coup against the president:
Think about what would happen if it were armed, angry black or Latino protesters that were out their suggesting that a sitting white president was a terrorist and that for the sake of our country we needed a violent overthrow of the government?
The GOP leadership, perhaps learning from McCain's mistake during the campaign when he admonished a crazed woman during the campaign who called Obama an Arab terrorist, has refused to put the cuckoos back in their cages. The willful ignorance of the Republicans to snap the leash on the wackos, white separatists, hate mongers and religious zealots who have won them a number of victories over the years has finally come back to bite them in the ass; now, they are the party of hatred, violence and racism. This is a label that will haunt them for a long time to come, but one that the leadership appears to be very comfortable with. The unfortunate part of all of this is that the dems seem to continue pursuing bi-partisanship and middle of the road politics. This will certainly lead to more losses in the future for the dems and rightfully so, I think. After all, why would you want to find common ground with a bunch of racist, sexist, religious wackos that want to use violence as a means of achieving political goals. Sadly, this is what Obama and the "super majority" in both houses of congress appear to be doing. Maybe we will have to wait for another Timothy McVeigh to come along to convince Americans that terrorists come in all shades and that condemning their radical, violent ideas is far more important than accepting their campaign contributions and votes.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I have only submitted work 2 times now to two different places and I have had both of the pieces accepted and published. So, I think my head got a little big and I sort of expected, that being so awesome at the writing thing would be quickly acknowledged by everyone and my mad skills would not be questioned when I submitted a third time. Well, I was wrong and I got my first rejection letter today. it's cool. I'm ok, I'll be fine... FUCK THOSE MOTHER FUCKERS! Who the fuck do they think they are? Crab fucking Orchard can kiss my Cuban ass. Just cuz they are one of the biggest and most respected and admired lit journals in the midwest and the US and quite possibly the world, doesnt' mean they have any right to humiliate me like this. I bet they think they're better than me? Well, who needs you Crab Orchard? More like Crabby Ass Old White Man Orchard. They just didn't like that the story I wrote (a work of art, a masterpiece and tale of biblical proportions) was about a cop in my old neighborhood in Pilsen. They were the ones who asked for stories about Illinois and that's what I gave them. RACISIM! RACISIM! They are racially profiling me. I write this incredible story and instead of begging me to write another one what do I get? A letter thanking me for my submission and asking me to try again? Well, it's not good enough! You will beg at my feet and throw dirt on your head. You will weep and offer me your children as slaves. You will promise me all the riches I can ever imagine, but you will never, ever have my precious work in your cheap, shit rag of a literary journal! Do you hear me? NEVER...

I want my mommy... (sniff, sniff)...

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Man Overboard

So, I'm on the first vacation I've had in about 4 years and everything is going swell, when on the last night aboard my cruise some dickhead gets into an argument with his wife and swan dives off the balcony. It was the middle of the night and we were on the rim of a huge storm that was slapping us with 4 foot waves. A Disney cruise ship pulls up along side us, the Coast Guard was dispatched and there were an ass load of life jackets thrown into the water. The guy apparently swam around for about an hour and a half and was eventually rescued. The whole thing made the papers and the nightly news. Now, what kind of an idiot jumps off a ship because he got into an argument with his wife and why wasn't his first impulse to drop kick her ass off the fucking boat? Can you imagine being that PW'd that you throw yourself into shark infested waters (in the middle of their lunch time I might add )? What the guy should have done was hit the casino and blow whatever money they had left if he wanted to get back at her.
Oh and I reluctantly kissed a dolphin on vacation, too. They are majestic and wonderful creatures, but they got halitosis like a mo'fucka and don't have any lips. So unless you like eating cat food and making out with rubber tires, I don't recommend it. I did see an orthodox Jew get in line twice to do it; a sight you don't see every day, so I felt like I had to tell someone.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chicken Shit is the New Donkey.

I move that we officially change the symbol of the Democratic party from Donkey to a big steaming pile of chicken shit. The super majority we gave them means nothing; they have finally shown their true colors, yellow like a motha fucka, and will be, in all likely-hood, caving in and allowing the republicans to strike the public option from universal health care legislation. It appears that all of those paranoid, Palin in 12', xenophobic, town hall, wackos will have their way after all. The republican hate machine has done it again and in the face of even the slightest chance of a fight, even a good one, the dems have done what one can always count on them to do; take a big shit on their constituents, quietly take the envelope under the table and make excuses for their short, shriveled up balls; all while trying to claim a victory. Three words come to mind; sad, sick and pathetic.

That universal health care is even a matter for debate is beyond comprehension, but that the stupid assholes at those townhall meetings, the very ones who would benefit from universal health care, have all but managed to shut down the most progressive legislation since the 65' Medicaid act, is un-fucking-real. How can anyone be so stupid as to think that Americans don't deserve to have the burden of the most expensive health care system in the world lifted from their backs? How can we justify fighting two wars on the other side of the globe, maintaining 250 military installations (and counting) around the world, sending robots to Mars, paying health industry CEOs million dollar salaries http://blogs.webmd.com/mad-about-medicine/2007/08/ceo-compensation-who-said-healthcare-is.html (this is a link to that left wing, socialist, class warfare inciting website, WebMD) and living in a country with more millionaires, billionaires and the highest GDP in the history of the world and yet, universal health care is evil and a construct of socialist nudniks who want to bankrupt us all?

At this point in our nation's filthy rich history, I'm wondering how we don't have free, universal, weed and liquor, door to door home delivery. In fact, how the fuck is it that we are in a depression with all of those rich mother fuckers running around trying to hide their (?) money in off shore accounts, buying yachts, helicopters and private jets in record numbers and with all of that taxpayer money that is going towards bailing their asses out (I guess socialism is only good in some instances, if you don't believe me just ask those mother fuckers in the weapons industry; American socialism has made them ultra-mega-super-fucking rich for decades now)?

The only Americans suffering through a depression right now are sick, weak, uneducated, under-employed, old, young and above all poor! This isn't a call to class warfare. That call went out decades ago and the ones who have gained the high ground and dug themselves in are the power brokers who have been aware of their status from the moment they were pulled out of platinum lined crotches and whose only job it is is to wait for their trust funds to mature. Our troops haven't made it to the battlefield; in fact, they're not even roused out of their bunks yet. You want free health care in this country? You're going to have to bleed for it.

Friday, August 07, 2009

The Battle of Mexico Part II

OK, honestly I don't know if I'm falling victim to Media hype so, take this post with a huge grain of salt. However, I've been following the inevitable collapse of the Mexican government for several years now and this last story seems to be par for the course. Apparently, there is a group of Mexican Special Forces guys calling themselves "Las Zetas" (an ominous name, not a family one like most of the other cartels; which totally creeps me out) and they are apparently doing a lot of the dirty work for the cartels when they themselves are not handling their own business. Imagine a bunch of Blackwater mercs taking over a town in America and going around exporting drugs, assassinating police and politicians and raising an army to take over more and more territory. If these things are true and not just your typical, run of the mill, racist nonsense that one should expect from the American media, then this will end badly and I assure you not at the US/ Mexico border; these cats are already reportedly operating in the US. I'm not advocating US intervention, the last 100 years of US intervention in Mexico has caused enough damage; however, something must be done to restore some semblance of order to Mexico. The shit is getting out of control and I'm afraid for loved ones not to mention I'd really like to be able to visit without the irrational fear of being chopped into pieces and being stuffed in a barrell to rot looming over me.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Kowabunga Dude!

I forget that I live a short 8 miles from the beach; correction, I live 8 miles from one of the nicest beaches in SoCal if not certainly the whole of the South Bay. So, I went out this week and spent every morning on the sand watching my son take his surf lessons. Well, every morning except the one following a nasty spell with sunburn. I forget that we are living in a post global warming era and the sun is far brutal than it has been, probably since before the age of Oxygen. I got toe' up and my shoulders still feel tight. Sunblock is not just for pussies anymore. Even us old school beach bums must use it. I got a little bit of writing done this week, though not much and I blame it on the waves, man. God, I love the waves. This beats corporate America all to hell; I'm never going back to work in a fucking office. If it ever comes to that, I'll walk into that ocean and never turning back.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Dear Sweet god, can the scared, racist, stupid assholes of this nation get any more pathetic? So now it seems BO is a Kenyan not to mention Arab, Muslim, terrorist. It just doesn't get any more sick minded and sad. Apparently, the idiots at Fox News and Lou "I hate brown people" Dobbs couldn't find anything else to fuck with BO about and have chosen this overtly racist, pseudo-patriotic heap of bullshit to go after our boy with. Here's a great link to Huff post, where you can watch Colbert rip the idiot that started this non-sense. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/07/29/colbert-vs-crazy-stephen_n_246700.html
Incidentally, this moron is a Russian immigrant, which I find particularly disgusting. Kind of like when Arnold suggests that immigrants should be forced to speak English; the shit just doesn't make sense. Don't let anyone tell you differently. At the core of their arguments there is pure, unadulterated racism and fear of the "other". These people, and allow me to point out that they are mostly old, white, hard-core, republican types, simply cannot wrap their diseased little minds around the fact that the rest of this country is ready to move beyond the bullshit baggage of race. In order to do this, however, we need to engage in a discussion of historical injustices, inequality and they must come to terms with their fears, as well as, lose the desire to return to a time when people of color smiled and nodded and accepted that they, white, racist mother fuckers, ran shit in this country. Those days are gone; long gone and will never return. Get over it and stop letting your fear control your emotions. We people of color already know what happens when whitey gets scared. They react violently and irrationally; no? not true? I submit to you that the last time whitey was this scared a federal building got blown to shit; and the weird part, the president was one of them, he was just cool with black people. My advice, be careful around white folk you don't know; some of them want to return to a time when white men were kings and the rest of us had to grin and bear it and there is no easier way to dismiss the accomplishments of people of color than to question and challenge their right to call themselves Americans.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Senate Judicial Hearings

Let's begin with a question: Why must people of color abandon, recant or otherwise ignore history, personal experience and observations when seeking office in these United States? Why has Sonia Sotomayor been made to apologize for her "wise Latina statement? Why was Obama taunted by the media and racist whiteys during the Jeremiah Wright flap? Could it be that old "there goes the neighborhood" mentality kicking in? Ask any person of color and they will tell you; at some point in their life they have had to justify why they "deserve" to be in that school, car, house, restaurant, bar, supermarket, university... the list goes on, but my point is that when we strive to move forward in this society it's like we have to go through this bullshit detector that only we have to pass through. White folk don't have to answer for their racist ancestors or their family's role in the violent, racist past of this nation, when they "move up." So why do we have to proove we aren't pissed at whitey? Sotomayor and BO both had to go through it and it's the most painful thing to watch, because it's like these evil crackers are going to decide whether they are worthy to represent US. It's as if, these individuals have to declare that they are not pissed off enough that they would seek revenge on whitey for the evils of the past and that furthermore, they can go back and tell the others that Whitey ain't so bad and we can all quit being uppity. Sickening the whole fucking thing; it sickens me to see that racist piece of shit Lindsey Graham, who happens to be from one of the most historically racist, evil places on earth, roll his fucking eyes when he says, in regard to the PRLDF's stance on the death penalty, "that the death penalty should be stricken, because it has -- it's a form of racial discrimination." So, here is a man so completely consumed by his racism that he doesn't even know when he's being a racist (Look up his remarks concerning Japanese American concentration camps during WWII) and he's demanding an apology from one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century, because she had the balls to allude to her personal history as being the reason for why she is better prepared to be a judge. Maybe having whitey shit on her did prepare her and make her wiser and I for one don't see why she can't say so. The solution is rather simple for white folk; if you don't want people of color hating on you then, as the great Pat Parker wrote, "First, forget that I'm black and second don't ever forget that I'm black." In other words, relate to me as me, but don't' dismiss my experiences with your people as some bullshit that I just need to get over. See how simple that is?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This is What Happens When Writers Drink Too Much

OK, I was out celebrating with my good buddy, Shanks Carpenter Green, who just released his novel, "Six Inch Crimes" (visit his site and order a book or two: www.myspace.com/sixinchcrimes). Anyhow, we got into a little exquisite corpse and this is what we came up with, enjoy:

Do Cyborgs Dream Electric Mensies?

An Exquisite Corpse Exercise by:

Shanks Carpenter Green


V. Lazaro Zamora

The SVTLN 2- “MAN HUNTER” put the bloody knee cap of a fresh kill in her mouth and only stopped chewing when she heard the rustling coming from the rubble where the lighthouse once stood. Her impulse to inspect was both willful and hesitant since earlier, she knew, that was the same spot she had discarded her used, crumpled, obscene tampon and the rustling both excited and disturbed her. She quickly and simultaneously activated her radar, heat sensing, 5mm rocket, infra-vision and pre-lubed the walls of her aftermarket, 2nd generation, EXTC-17 vagina.

While the thought of alien penetration flustered the steel springs of her heaving, synthetic, light pink cunt lips, she couldn’t formulate (properly) the sensible computations for the invasive barrage of images resembling the stock memory of her humanoid father sprinkling the white spatter of creamy human goo across her sleeping face. She pushed the humiliation of her youth and the impulse to find a safe place in the wasteland to masturbate to her thoughts and moved towards the rubble, leaving the gutted, emasculated corpse of another assassin behind her.

Strangely, with no construct of mathematical logic, she released her rockets and decimated the earth within a 2.7 mile radius all around her; screaming hysterically and inexplicably, while the napalm aura engulfed her and rose to the heavens.

When she woke, the sky had cleared and sand had turned to glass and her metallic skin radiated the heat of her vengeance; no one fucks for free, she thought, no one fucks for free, ever again! The anguish of her digital scream resounded through the aftermath of charred earth and unfamiliar emotion and only died down as the sand moved and crept and gelled into the solid mass of her father who looked at her and sternly and uttered, “Bitch, there’s no escaping daddy’s cock,” and then slapped his “Svetlana” with the cold force of his backhand.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Coming to a Mall Near Me...And You Too.

This is not a picture of the Del Amo Mall as it stands today. It is what it may look like within the next couple of years. I love a great mall and without apology, I will come forward and admit that, despite all of my anti-consumer rhetoric, I like heading out from time to time and browsing the shelves of the Gamestops, Brookstones and Suncoast Video store. There is something genuinely American about having a Pakistani, Kiosk operator try to sell me a Chinese made Che' Guevara, Ipod protector or rhinestone encrusted, diamond shaped belt buckle. That's why, I was so incredibly distraught by a visit I paid to the Del Amo Mall this weekend. The Del Amo is the former holder of the world's largest mall and has appeared prominently in Bad Santa, Jackie Brown and Valley Girl. At any time of day the Del Amo is packed to the rafters with eager shoppers, dropping bundles of cash on shit they don't need. So, when my wife suggested we go to the mall, the day after Independence Day, in the middle of the afternoon, I was expecting to relive a scene from a Romero flick. However, that did not happen. Instead, it appears that this mighty fountainhead of capitalism, has been ravaged by the DEPRESSION (YES, we are in a DEPRESSION!).
Many of the stores, have been closed down and operations in the ones still up and running have been scaled down considerably. The post-apocalypse consumers wander the corridors like going into any of the shops will give them leprosy; it is a sad thing to see. With few exceptions, the mall is a former shadow of itself. People are buying at the Gamestop; perhaps a reflection of the desire to escape the misery of life in the wake of the Bush years. The Chinese chair massage guy nearly tackled me when I walked past his shop; now empty except for the faint smell of patchouli and ass. Even Brookstone, where they were trying to sell self-sustaining eco-systems (a couple of dwarf frogs, a bamboo shoot and a snail in a tiny plastic bowl) at $40 a pop, has resorted to slashing prices on the other useless shit they sell.
People are walking the mall, staring at the things they wish they could buy, take home and let depreciate on a shelf somewhere; being unable to afford even a months supply of weight loss tea, most of the consumers are left staring at those few who are walking around with bags of merchandise. Oddly enough, while we are all in an economic shit storm, there are some of us who can still afford vacations, shopping sprees at the mall and driving SUVs that get 4 miles to the gallon. I'm baffled by the new dynamic of our economy and I'm left wondering when this terrible shit is going to end; though if you ask Joe Biden, he and BO had no clue it was as bad as it really is until just recently.
I think perhaps it's time to re-examine why we let the same people who have brought this mess on us, continue to keep what is not theirs for the keeping. Of course, the Rush Limbaughs of this world, have got the NASCAR fans and Sarah Palinites convinced that if you tax the shit out of the rich, they will hide "their" money and we will suffer worse for it. I would argue that, in this depression and long before it, they managed to hide "their" money just fine. The difference is that now, all one has to do is go to a shopping mall if you want to see them hide it in plain sight.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


What an amazing experience VONA was. I have changed my relationship with my writing and with humans. Elmaz Abinader was an amazing teacher, she taught me more in a week than I have learned in a year at my MFA; craft wise and instinct, just amazing. Thomas Glaze, Asha Benedele were great; incredibly generous and wonderful people to talk to. I even met ZZ Packer who blew my mind; I'm totally going to look for her next year. I got to talk a little X-Men with Junot Diaz, too. Anyhow, I'm back and start grad research stuff next week and will be hammering away at my thesis this summer; I WILL NOT be sticking around for a third year; no fucking way! So, i'm hitting the keyboard hard and will check in again next week, cuz this blog means a lot to me and it's time to do it to it.
PS. RIP Michael Jackson. I give two shits about all the scandal; "Thriller" changed how I listened to music, and I'm thankful for and have to recognize his genius!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Battle of Mexico

I'm willing to lay odds at this point that the Mexican government will either completely collapse within the next few years, all out civil war will erupt or the government will have to declare marshal law in most of major cities and will have to violently disarm the narco-syndicates. You should have heard by now that there was a huge gun battle that left 18 people dead, IN ACAPULCO! Not some little border town, where the cartels run everything and can ferry drugs and money back and forth without interference; ACA-FUCKIN-PULCO! Elvis made a goddamn movie there for fuck's sake and now their using frag grenades in the middle of the streets. People are starting to ask themselves, what the hell is going on in Mexico? Well, it's just decades of corruption, fraud, abuse and deprivation of political, social and economic rights. Our government has embraced the dictators that have run that country into the ground since the end of Spanish colonialism. You turn on CNN at night and poor Lou Dobbs looks like his head is going to explode. Well, don't worry if everything goes the way it looks like it's going, we won't have to worry about illegal immigrants by the hundreds or thousands; we'll be sheltering refugess by the hundreds of thousands. It does sort of beg the question; How much longer is the Obama government going to continue the Bush policy of ignoring Latin America? Maybe when these cats are diving into shallow pools of blood on the concrete, we'll decide to intervene. Till' then book your next vacation in Canada.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

UP For Air

Dear Lord, this has been the toughest quarter yet. I've so much work to do. But, it's been really productive. Some of you have been asking what's up with the blog. But, as you probably know I've actually been published since the last time I blogged, TWICE! So, unfortunately I haven't had much to time to do this. Good news is the quarter is almost over and in a couple of weeks I'll be back to fuck with your head. I'm going to be at the Voices of Our Nations workshop in SF this summer for a week. I actually got in; the application process was pretty grueling and I didn't get my first choice for workshop but just being picked is kind of a big deal. Junot Diaz and ZZ Packer will be there, but I'm especially stoked because I'll be under the tutelage of Elmaz Abinader who is the amazing writer of Children of the Roojme: A Family's Journey from Lebanon and a really cool lady. So, I'm getting ready for that plus, I'm going to be doing research this summer for professor Stu Kreiger, who wrote The Land Before Time. So, I'm a busy boy! But, stay tuned and I promise I'll get back to this in a couple of weeks. Now, where the fuck was I??? Oh yeah...

Pussy farts? That's all you got?
Pussy farts...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Writer

I'm watching Kat Von D. on Jimmy Fallon. I know, I know; but, I'm bored and the scotch and the coming quarter have been taking it's toll and I'm in a bit of a tale spin (not typo). So, I decide to tune in, but won't take prisoners. Kat seems like a normal person and a cool chick. No beef with her and quite frankly if I could fuck Nikki Sixx to make things happen for me, I would. OK, here it is, she has a bestseller. A FUCKING BESTSELLER PEOPLE! I mean, look; we (writers) struggle and bust our asses to bring you the best that a creative mind can come up with. We become alcoholics, destroy our families, commit suicide, go hungry, sleep with hookers, shoot heroin, eat human flesh, cheat on our wives, abandon our children, kill people, commit felonies and serve time and all this to bring you our art. We throw ourselves head first into our craft and seek only your love and approval and attention. We force ourselves to think and you can hear our sinews crack and strain with the desire and longing for approval from the world; just a word, a hint, a single one word accolade. And, our reward? Kat Von D. has a best seller. OK, I understand. It is our destiny to suffer. It is my role in this world to be the gladiator, fighting for every step; clawing, swinging, thrashing wildly to stay alive. Just one question:


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sayonara Mother Fuckers

I never thought I would agree with Chuck Grassely. He's an angry, old, white man who represents the angry, old, white people of Iowa. We just run in different circles. But I have to hand it to the asshole. He said that the thieving bastards from AIG who want to walk away with 165 Mil of tax payer money should either give up the money or publicly kill themselves. I think it's about time people started talking about violence as a remedy for our financial woes. Hanging bastards like Jeff Skilling, Dennis Kozlowski's and Bernie Madoff off the side of a bridge from their nutsacks won't bring a single dime back to the investors or taxpayers. It would, however, give me a warm fuzzy feeling and personally I don't know what would be wrong with feeding the whole lot of them to a pack of hungry badgers, on prime time TV. Actually, if we could find someone to produce a show where these soft fingered, amoral, lowlifes have to run through a maze of death only to be dismembered if they make it out anyway, I would actually consider watching TV again (other than BSG, of course, (please don't go!))
I think we could have a celebrity version of the "Labyrinth of Reprisal" or "The Great Reparation Relay" (Mark Burnett, eat your heart out). We could actually start with Chuck Grassley. He did, after all, TAKE "119 earmarks totaling nearly $120 million" according to the Iowa Independent, so in that sense he's as much a thieving piece of shit as those AIG types.
It's like this, those fuckers on 9/11 killed 3000 people in the blink of an eye. It sucked and we retaliated as only we Americans can; we bombed the shit out of brown people. Right? We threw cab drivers in prison indefinitely and tortured and maimed and let GWB take a big ol' shit on our Constitution and ultimately we killed an assload of people as retribution for the death of our 3000. We took our pound of flesh and declared a "War on Terror" and we called it justice when we shocked and awed those mother fuckers "over there".
Now, all of a sudden, the bad guys are wearing $10k black Armani suits and for some reason we have to treat them with kidgloves. We have to follow the letter of the law; the lawyers have to open their appointment books and the justice Department has to ask politely for affidavits. Does the law request a hearing when a young black kid in the ghetto sells a joint on a street corner? Do the Sheriff's Deputies knock politely on the door of a family who is being evicted because they can't pay the mortgage? NO! The law brings in the bulldozers, pops off the flash bangs and wrestles your 90 year old granny to the ground with a a Jiu-jitsu death choke!
Yet, these "greed is good", Ayn Rand and Henry Kissinger worshipping mother fuckers have been the cause of more suicides, poverty and general misery in the US and worldwide for the last 30 years than any camel fucking terrorist. They have brought our country to the brink of economic collapse and have destroyed lives with their corrupted souls and "fuck you = more for me" approach to making a living. Suicide is too good for them; ALL OF THEM! I say, let's watch them run for their lives. Let's grab pitchforks and chase them down alleyways and watch the gutters fill with blood. Let's write about them in history books as the thieves that tried to destroy us all. Let's soil their names and wreck their lives for generations to come the way they have ruined our credit and turned our lives upside down. BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD!
Or we could just make them pay back all of the money they stole, make "short selling" illegal from now on and outlaw earmarks permanently. At least that would be a start.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Craig Ferguson: In the Land of the Unfunny...

... the Man with the Best One-liners, is King...

Late night T.V. just keeps getting funnier and funnier and this week Jimmy Fallon just added his own pot of stupidly unfunny to the already dull and tasteless late night buffet. I didn't think he would pull off to begin with, but it was truly depressing to see him try to do a monologue that was written for an audience of coma patients; he just stood there with his eyes wide open like some cat that is about to get hit by a dump truck. He played beer pong with Serena Williams, had Drew Barrymore lick a bowling ball and had a dance off with Cameron Diaz in his first ground breaking week. And the thrills didn't stop there. Watching him interview "The Donald" showed how unprepared he really. Mr. Combover hijacked the interview and used it as an opportunity to promote his own show and nothing more; Fallon has no control. The good news for Jimmy Kimmel is now he has someone whose career he'll be able to laugh at; when he's not crying over breaking up with Sarah Silverman for the upmteenth time. Oddly enough, not being able to watch either of these trainwrecks forced me to switch over to Craig Ferguson for the first time in ages. Looks like Ferguson might finally have his shit together. His ad libs are still hit or miss, but he looks comfortable and like he's at least having fun doing his job, a big difference from the early days. Late night TV sucks ass in general and it's time for some fresh blood, but Jimmy Fallon is totally wrong for the job.

Monday, March 02, 2009

He's No Man of Steel!

Talk about chicken shit. Rush "The fat drug addicted hypocritical, scumbag," Limbaugh owned Michael Steele this weekend at the RNC convention. Steele then goes on D.L. Hughely and defends himself and finally calls it like it is on that fat piece of shit, as any person in his position should have done. Limbaugh goes on his show and tells his listeners that Steele is not the GOP, doesn't represent the GOP and that he is the GOP! Steele then totally pusses out and apologizes. APOLOGIZES for Christ sakes. That's like having an asshole throw his drink on you and then asking him for forgiveness to avoid a fight. This is what the GOP has come too. I knew years ago that that stupid asshole Limbaugh would eventually end up ruining the party and that it was only a matter of time before he completely hijacked it. Now what's left is for him to actually assume an official role in the party, followed by an invasion of Poland. You don't need Jon Stewart if you want a good laugh at the expense of the Republican party; you just need to stay tuned and watch.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is the End!

Sorry about the graphic picture. It gives me no pleasure to make you wretch. Well, ok, maybe it does a little...
So, it looks like Bobby Jindal is a fucking idiot and not very likely to pop back up on our radar anytime soon. If last night was any indication as to the state of the Republican party, it's safe to say that BO will be keeping the best seat in the Oval Office warm until 2016. Seriously, a governor from the state that nearly had an entire city wiped off the face of the earth not 5 years ago, can't understand why people in Washington state and Hawaii might need volcano monitoring equipment? I say again, what a fucking idiot. This guy was supposed to be the great brown hope of the GOP and now both he and Michael Steele are out making the party look like GWB left the white house and took the partys brain home to Texas with him. What a train wreck, man. I think we saw the end of the party for good last night. There is no way that they are going to reconnect with voters anytime soon and it's unlikely that the Dems will be able to fuck things up any worse than they are for quite some time. Anyone notice that Sarah "Bukake librarian" Palin has completely disappeared? I mean aside from a small blurb about her having to pay back the state of Alaska for stealing money to take her kids on tour with her last Fall, there is nothing out there about her. I think she's trying to avoid a Bobby Jindal moment and if she gets through the next four years without publicly making a fool of herself she might get those die hard, right wing, racist, Jesus freak,morons from last Fall to come out of the wood work for her again in 12'. Let's all just hope some really dirty pictures of her getting it on with another chick make their way to TMZ or smoking gun. Judging from the myriad shitbag potential candidates that the GOP is already out parading around, a bit of hot lesbo, experimenting might actually make Palin a potential threat to BO's re-election chances. Jesus Christ, I miss Bob Dole.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

AWP Day 4: The Fat Lady's Angry Song/ Return of the King

A young, chubby girl with sausagesque fingers and cat like eyes lights a cigarette and continues talking into her phone, over the noise of downtown movement. She fumbles for a lighter in a rainbow colored purse and continues talking in between the sucking and puffing on the filter of a Camel Turkish Delight. By the time she is half done with the cigarette, she has filled the air around her with negativity; her boredom with the seminars, her dislike for the other writers she has met, the failure to gain knowledge from any of the panelists. She insists that she should have stayed home and worked on her manuscript.

She tells the person on the other end, “I didn’t really need to come to this. It was stupid. What a waste.” Her milky white cheeks are now red from the whip and stretch of the numbing cold and she puts out her cigarette in the gold plated ashtray under the heaters that fail to live up to their name on this morning. She hangs up the phone and walks past me to into the carousel doors. I smell the faint trail of vanilla she leaves behind as vanishes into the crowded lobby of the Chicago Hilton.

It is done now. The AWP is a wrap and I have celebrated with a ten dollar glass of Dewars (neat of course) in the mock Irish tavern on the lobby level of the Hilton. I forget about the 4 extra dollars I have just overpayed for a mediocre brand as I walk through the revolving doors. I climb into the back seat of a gray-skinned, four-wheeled beast. I leave the downtown area for the last time this week and head for the old neighborhood.

The line stretches out of the restaurant and onto the sidewalk, snaking down the block for at least 20 yards. People shiver, but the snot and tears will not get in the way of a good meal and no man dares utter the phrase, “let’s go it’s too long.”; not on valentines evening. My father climbs down onto the frozen pavement and tells my mother to park in the lot. He walks toward the restaurant doors and we drive up into the lot, where a bundled up parking attendant waves us off and starts yelling that there is no parking. My mother opens the window and sticks her head out. She looks at the man and smiles and ask, “no?” The smile is instantly returned by the attendant, who laughs and starts frantically waving us in. “Claro que si. Claro que si.”

I walk down 18th street and see the crowd down the way, in front of the restaurant, I will fight my way through it; but this moment is for reserved for taking inventory of what has bloomed and decayed in my absence. “The fire. See?” My mother points at the building directly in front of the restaurant and I see the shell of a building that was once a home to the old Eastern European immigrants, before it was the home for the new Latin American immigrants, before it died a fiery death, a few months ago. I stop and look at the damage for a moment and my mother walks on towards the crowd. The damage caused by the fire looks like it was caused by a fire that started in the bakery in the building next door. The bakery was only a few years old, but though everyone complained about the prices, the creations were wonderful pieces of edible confection and I lament missing out on a chocolate cupcake, laced with chile’ and buttercream frosting. My stomach protests the sightseeing and refuses to miss another meal today so I turn and walk towards the crowd.

When I reach the line my parents call to me from inside the restaurant, over the angry looks of people who can’t believe our audacity. I look past them, and at the doorway; they notice my indifference to their complaint twisted faces and collectively and silently make it difficult for me to make it into the restaurant. Half way through to the door a family, being led by a teenage boy with Down syndrome, comes out of the restaurant’s inner doorway towards me. I am already to the door of the restaurant, but see that the boy is having trouble getting through the crowd and he begins to screech excitedly. His mother gently nudges him, saying softly, “Dale’ Nestor. Dale’ Mijo.”

I take his arm and guide him back towards the opening asking people to please step aside. He continues screeching and laughing under his breath. I let the rest of the family through and I turn back towards the door of the restaurant. I don’t need to ask to get through; the people have seen a good deed and they reward me by stepping aside. My Carne Asada will taste better tonight than it ever has.

Friday, February 13, 2009

AWP Day 3- I Hate Chicago

The frigid air bites my tongue, my throat, my lungs; When will Sunday come? Last night’s scotch still fuels my temper; I’m sorry ma. I walk through the lobby and not a single smile out shines the brass railings; God I hate other writers. My mp3 player drives the Def Tones’ Beware straight into my pounding head; how fitting. It is day 2 at the AWP and there is anger in the air.

The Huron Room of the 8th floor is packed to capacity. I can’t see into the room, but I can hear the speakers, though I missed half of the discussion and don’t know what’s going on. People are standing in the back of the room and occasionally some asshole, with a sense of entitlement, pushes through the crowd and works their way to the front; What the Fuck?
A security guard in blue polyester, with a gold, lapel pin that relates his authority with a small letter “a” comes through and waves his “walky talky”. He asks people to “please clear out the back of the room.” The bottom drops out of his baritone voice, when some bald-headed, guy, sporting way too many Black Flag buttons, says with a broad smile, “this is fuckin’ bullshit.” The security guard frowns and I see the creases around his mouth make a pair of horizontal “u’s” and he raises his voice and says, “sir, I’m sorry for any inconvenience, but it’s against fire code.”
I move away from the outside of the door and I’m asked to move along as well, since the fire code extends to the ante-room of the larger conference hall. A heavy set woman dressed in beige with a matching scarf comes out of the conference hall waving her arms around like a tusken raider waving off flames. She marches up to the security guard and proclaims “My daughter is a lawyer! You people are endangering the lives of the people in that room! They cannot be sitting in the aisle and you know it! I’m calling the Hilton corporate offices! You have made my day!” It becomes her mantra as the head of security, followed by a supervisor and manager and assistant director and finally the hotel head honcho try to assure her that there is nothing wrong with the people being in the center of the aisle. They ask her, Shirley, to please just calm down; her only reply is, “that’s Doctor Long to you, sir”.
Shirley reminds me of what I hate about this city. Unreasonable people, who are made miserable and stupid by weather and other things they can’t control. I find a couch in the front lobby and take a small nap. Shirley, the cold, the negativity in this corner of the city and the scotch have all left me by the times Miles Davis’ Jeru comes on my player; the afternoon will be better.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

AWP Day 2- I Hate Eric Bogosian

I hit the street and the inside of my nostrils stiffen and my eyes tear up. I walk among the young hipsters on Michigan Avenue, who I decide must be establishing their degree of cool by sporting their grandfather’s hats. I walk from the pseudo-Italian ristorante as my motserella and tomado sangwich (when in Rome…) and pick up a pack of Marshall McGearty cigarettes. At 11 dollars a pack they truly are, as the pack reads, anything but ordinary. They, like me, were born and bred in this city. I light the first one in my pack after tamping it on the back of my zippo and notice a sign that reads, “It is prohibited to smoke within 15 feet of this building”. People are standing around a huge, concrete, flower pot; conveniently located near the curb, which serves as an ashtray for the young lady who sees me approach and decides to leave.
I puff smoke through the icy ether and follow the cloud, with my eyes, as it quickly dissipates around a light post. I look around and see flocks of tourists now weaving in around the hipsters, pointing and smiling at some far off, distant adventure that awaits them. I notice there are no homeless people on the street. No homeless on Michigan Avenue? In the middle of the day? The thought is foreign and I contemplate filing a complaint somewhere. Then I notice that there are buildings going up south of 7th Avenue, way south close to Racine; something never imagined possible only five years ago. Herr Daley giveth and he taketh away. I comforted by the idea that the more things change in this city, the more likely someone is going to be indicted and decide to drop the idea of filing a complaint with the mayor’s office.

It is now late in the evening and I have penciled into my itinerary a reading by Eric Bogosian, which will be the last thing I do today. I walk through the upper lobby of the Chicago Hilton, towards the International Ballroom; it’s carpeting a multi-colored salute to cheap Vegas-style, psycho-mind fucking. The carpeting is certainly inspired by the latest generation of girls-gone wild and I imagine is meant to make the heiress to the Hilton fortune feel at home in lush gaudiness; the walls and ceilings are a different matter. They remind me of an age of elegance; when excess did not necessarily mean flash. The molding is painted now, but in its day it most certainly had to have been left bare if only to show off the beauty of the natural world it was inspired by.
I am nearing the stairs that lead to the ballroom when I see a sign outside of the grand ballroom, which reads, “Builder of Positive Reality: A Conversation with Haki R. Madhubuti. I decide to stop in and hear what the gentle-faced man on the poster has to say; Bogosian is a douche bag anyway, I decide. The room is nearly completely empty and the discussion has already begun; this cannot be good.
I sit and listen to Dr. Madhubuti speak about his experiences growing up in Detroit; where his mother, a beautiful but “unprotected” woman had to prostitute herself to feed the both of them. I heard him tell of his own self-hatred for himself and his race and how he overcame it by reading Richard Wright at her insistence. He described how his experience in the army, which he calls “employment for poor people”, taught him to never let himself be put in a position where, “stupid people would be telling me what to do”. I was inspired when he told of the personal accounts as confidant to Gwendolyn Brooks and his role in the development of “Afrikan-centered” schools on Chicago’s South side.
He impressed upon me that the struggle to be great is not only a personal one; but one that demands the rejection of evil. It is a delicate fight that takes the form of a balancing act without a net; to stay above the fray and yet take matters into one’s own hands. His discussion was by far the most gratifying of any I attended today and without question, what he had to say was far more important than anything Eric Bogosian has ever said or written. Why then, I asked myself were there less than 30 people in a room that easily fits 500?

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