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Monday, January 19, 2009

One More Day Bitches!

Can you feel the change? It's already starting. I'm changing and so are you. My god, the change is everywhere! Everywhere, I tell you! There is change and so much of it that I am choking on the change. Oh my god, I think I have had so much change that I have change diarrhea. I'm leaking change out of my ass!
All seriousness, thank god the fucking Bush years are over. 22% approval rating as he heads back to Tejas and the dark master of misery, Cheney, only has a 13%. This tells me that the last 8 years of suffering; the war, economy, constant attacks against the constitution, immigrants, homosexuals, single mothers, poor brown people, the middle/working class, the environment, has all been a big waste of fucking time. If we had at least attacked those things intelligently and with the purpose we might have solved a couple of them. Instead, we are stuck deeper in the hole than ever. As an ex-republican (I swear here and now I will never under any conditions vote for another one) who did not vote for him either time (I saw the evil in his heart a long way off) I can honestly say that the republicans, or should I say the kooks who have taken charge of the party; the Sarah Palin, Romney, Jesus freaks and white supremacist, supply-siders, have done so much irreversible damage to the GOP that I would advise that they get rid of it completely and start again with something completely different. How bout' the "we ruined the country and took a big shit on the constitution, but promise we won't be so bad at it next time" party. That might not fit on a ballot, but the shoe certainly fits. Happy Trails mother fuckers, it'll be a long cold day in hell before I ever take a Republican candidate seriously again. And they're still groaning about how we need more tax breaks for rich people if we are going to get out of this reccession. What fucking joke!

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