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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Just Ignore the Fat, Stupid, Drug Addict.

I've got an idea. This asshole, Rush Numbballs we'll call him, likes to go around saying the most dim-witted shit imaginable then turning around and accusing people who don't agree with him of being stupid; an act which is ironically about as stupid as one human can actually get. So who is this jack off, really? Well, Al Franken, a few years ago, very aptly called him a big, fat, idiot. His stupidity is a given; it is the one constant and unchanging variable in the long list of descriptors that we could use to identify this low-life piece of shit; whom incidentally the world would be much better off without. Now, I don't condone violence, but if anyone has an Amtrak train they would like to drive at 100 MPH into his forehead, I would be grateful, for the merciful act and I'm certain we would raise enough money for your defense that no reasonable jury in the world would convict you. This will be the last time I ever write about him (unless I am offered a large sum of money, which I will use to go train shopping), reason being, that now that the election is over this walking bag of shit has publicly (and finally) shown his true hatred for our country and it's people by wishing that our new president, not even a week in office, FAIL-his words, fail. Not drop the ball, not mess up, not fuck up; FAIL. He wants our president to fail. Not in any of the eight years of misery and torturous stupidity, the willful ignorance of the constitution, or even the raping of our financial system that took place under GWB, did I ever once hear anyone on the left (mainstream left) show joy for or ask that he FAIL. They pointed out his failures, sure; but that wasn't hard considering he was the worst president in history. Had anyone at the height of the war said they wanted him to fail, I'm certain that the mainstream, right wing and liberal "media" would have impaled that person on a pole. We are at, what many consider the height of our recession and here this scum bag wants to see our country fail. He is a traitor and deserves no less than to have what little brains he has to be eaten by zombies. But, what is this fat fuck's reward for wishing that our president fail? Well, since the republicans no longer have a voice, are completely fractured and don't know what the hell they are going to do to move their joke of a party forward, this fat bag of shit has become a de-facto representative for the party. He has been getting tons of press and the stupider the shit he says is, the more seriously they take him. My guess is we are in store for more of his pathetic brand of nazisim, until the GOP finds someone smart like Sarah Palin to speak on their behalf. Seriously, if sending a hate mongering, drug addict to spread the failed gospel of supply side economics is the only way the GOP can get noticed, then I think we can look forward to having BO in the white house until 2016. My idea is this; since the dems have finally decided to take their candidates seriously and have finally figured out the need to have a charismatic, intelligent person lead the party, why don't we ignore the fat stupid fuck and just wait until the GOP figures this out too for themselves. That way we can expend energy on serious things like fixing our economy, terrorism, the environment you know, the things that if we don't fix now will keep our country in the ruined state that the GOP has left it in. Judging by who they chose to head the RNC this week, they are nowhere near figuring it out. You can't just wheel out any black guy, republicans; he's actually got to be someone worth giving a fuck about.

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