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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Craig Ferguson: In the Land of the Unfunny...

... the Man with the Best One-liners, is King...

Late night T.V. just keeps getting funnier and funnier and this week Jimmy Fallon just added his own pot of stupidly unfunny to the already dull and tasteless late night buffet. I didn't think he would pull off to begin with, but it was truly depressing to see him try to do a monologue that was written for an audience of coma patients; he just stood there with his eyes wide open like some cat that is about to get hit by a dump truck. He played beer pong with Serena Williams, had Drew Barrymore lick a bowling ball and had a dance off with Cameron Diaz in his first ground breaking week. And the thrills didn't stop there. Watching him interview "The Donald" showed how unprepared he really. Mr. Combover hijacked the interview and used it as an opportunity to promote his own show and nothing more; Fallon has no control. The good news for Jimmy Kimmel is now he has someone whose career he'll be able to laugh at; when he's not crying over breaking up with Sarah Silverman for the upmteenth time. Oddly enough, not being able to watch either of these trainwrecks forced me to switch over to Craig Ferguson for the first time in ages. Looks like Ferguson might finally have his shit together. His ad libs are still hit or miss, but he looks comfortable and like he's at least having fun doing his job, a big difference from the early days. Late night TV sucks ass in general and it's time for some fresh blood, but Jimmy Fallon is totally wrong for the job.

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