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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


What an amazing experience VONA was. I have changed my relationship with my writing and with humans. Elmaz Abinader was an amazing teacher, she taught me more in a week than I have learned in a year at my MFA; craft wise and instinct, just amazing. Thomas Glaze, Asha Benedele were great; incredibly generous and wonderful people to talk to. I even met ZZ Packer who blew my mind; I'm totally going to look for her next year. I got to talk a little X-Men with Junot Diaz, too. Anyhow, I'm back and start grad research stuff next week and will be hammering away at my thesis this summer; I WILL NOT be sticking around for a third year; no fucking way! So, i'm hitting the keyboard hard and will check in again next week, cuz this blog means a lot to me and it's time to do it to it.
PS. RIP Michael Jackson. I give two shits about all the scandal; "Thriller" changed how I listened to music, and I'm thankful for and have to recognize his genius!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Battle of Mexico

I'm willing to lay odds at this point that the Mexican government will either completely collapse within the next few years, all out civil war will erupt or the government will have to declare marshal law in most of major cities and will have to violently disarm the narco-syndicates. You should have heard by now that there was a huge gun battle that left 18 people dead, IN ACAPULCO! Not some little border town, where the cartels run everything and can ferry drugs and money back and forth without interference; ACA-FUCKIN-PULCO! Elvis made a goddamn movie there for fuck's sake and now their using frag grenades in the middle of the streets. People are starting to ask themselves, what the hell is going on in Mexico? Well, it's just decades of corruption, fraud, abuse and deprivation of political, social and economic rights. Our government has embraced the dictators that have run that country into the ground since the end of Spanish colonialism. You turn on CNN at night and poor Lou Dobbs looks like his head is going to explode. Well, don't worry if everything goes the way it looks like it's going, we won't have to worry about illegal immigrants by the hundreds or thousands; we'll be sheltering refugess by the hundreds of thousands. It does sort of beg the question; How much longer is the Obama government going to continue the Bush policy of ignoring Latin America? Maybe when these cats are diving into shallow pools of blood on the concrete, we'll decide to intervene. Till' then book your next vacation in Canada.

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