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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


What an amazing experience VONA was. I have changed my relationship with my writing and with humans. Elmaz Abinader was an amazing teacher, she taught me more in a week than I have learned in a year at my MFA; craft wise and instinct, just amazing. Thomas Glaze, Asha Benedele were great; incredibly generous and wonderful people to talk to. I even met ZZ Packer who blew my mind; I'm totally going to look for her next year. I got to talk a little X-Men with Junot Diaz, too. Anyhow, I'm back and start grad research stuff next week and will be hammering away at my thesis this summer; I WILL NOT be sticking around for a third year; no fucking way! So, i'm hitting the keyboard hard and will check in again next week, cuz this blog means a lot to me and it's time to do it to it.
PS. RIP Michael Jackson. I give two shits about all the scandal; "Thriller" changed how I listened to music, and I'm thankful for and have to recognize his genius!

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