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Friday, July 24, 2009


Dear Sweet god, can the scared, racist, stupid assholes of this nation get any more pathetic? So now it seems BO is a Kenyan not to mention Arab, Muslim, terrorist. It just doesn't get any more sick minded and sad. Apparently, the idiots at Fox News and Lou "I hate brown people" Dobbs couldn't find anything else to fuck with BO about and have chosen this overtly racist, pseudo-patriotic heap of bullshit to go after our boy with. Here's a great link to Huff post, where you can watch Colbert rip the idiot that started this non-sense. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/07/29/colbert-vs-crazy-stephen_n_246700.html
Incidentally, this moron is a Russian immigrant, which I find particularly disgusting. Kind of like when Arnold suggests that immigrants should be forced to speak English; the shit just doesn't make sense. Don't let anyone tell you differently. At the core of their arguments there is pure, unadulterated racism and fear of the "other". These people, and allow me to point out that they are mostly old, white, hard-core, republican types, simply cannot wrap their diseased little minds around the fact that the rest of this country is ready to move beyond the bullshit baggage of race. In order to do this, however, we need to engage in a discussion of historical injustices, inequality and they must come to terms with their fears, as well as, lose the desire to return to a time when people of color smiled and nodded and accepted that they, white, racist mother fuckers, ran shit in this country. Those days are gone; long gone and will never return. Get over it and stop letting your fear control your emotions. We people of color already know what happens when whitey gets scared. They react violently and irrationally; no? not true? I submit to you that the last time whitey was this scared a federal building got blown to shit; and the weird part, the president was one of them, he was just cool with black people. My advice, be careful around white folk you don't know; some of them want to return to a time when white men were kings and the rest of us had to grin and bear it and there is no easier way to dismiss the accomplishments of people of color than to question and challenge their right to call themselves Americans.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Senate Judicial Hearings

Let's begin with a question: Why must people of color abandon, recant or otherwise ignore history, personal experience and observations when seeking office in these United States? Why has Sonia Sotomayor been made to apologize for her "wise Latina statement? Why was Obama taunted by the media and racist whiteys during the Jeremiah Wright flap? Could it be that old "there goes the neighborhood" mentality kicking in? Ask any person of color and they will tell you; at some point in their life they have had to justify why they "deserve" to be in that school, car, house, restaurant, bar, supermarket, university... the list goes on, but my point is that when we strive to move forward in this society it's like we have to go through this bullshit detector that only we have to pass through. White folk don't have to answer for their racist ancestors or their family's role in the violent, racist past of this nation, when they "move up." So why do we have to proove we aren't pissed at whitey? Sotomayor and BO both had to go through it and it's the most painful thing to watch, because it's like these evil crackers are going to decide whether they are worthy to represent US. It's as if, these individuals have to declare that they are not pissed off enough that they would seek revenge on whitey for the evils of the past and that furthermore, they can go back and tell the others that Whitey ain't so bad and we can all quit being uppity. Sickening the whole fucking thing; it sickens me to see that racist piece of shit Lindsey Graham, who happens to be from one of the most historically racist, evil places on earth, roll his fucking eyes when he says, in regard to the PRLDF's stance on the death penalty, "that the death penalty should be stricken, because it has -- it's a form of racial discrimination." So, here is a man so completely consumed by his racism that he doesn't even know when he's being a racist (Look up his remarks concerning Japanese American concentration camps during WWII) and he's demanding an apology from one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century, because she had the balls to allude to her personal history as being the reason for why she is better prepared to be a judge. Maybe having whitey shit on her did prepare her and make her wiser and I for one don't see why she can't say so. The solution is rather simple for white folk; if you don't want people of color hating on you then, as the great Pat Parker wrote, "First, forget that I'm black and second don't ever forget that I'm black." In other words, relate to me as me, but don't' dismiss my experiences with your people as some bullshit that I just need to get over. See how simple that is?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This is What Happens When Writers Drink Too Much

OK, I was out celebrating with my good buddy, Shanks Carpenter Green, who just released his novel, "Six Inch Crimes" (visit his site and order a book or two: www.myspace.com/sixinchcrimes). Anyhow, we got into a little exquisite corpse and this is what we came up with, enjoy:

Do Cyborgs Dream Electric Mensies?

An Exquisite Corpse Exercise by:

Shanks Carpenter Green


V. Lazaro Zamora

The SVTLN 2- “MAN HUNTER” put the bloody knee cap of a fresh kill in her mouth and only stopped chewing when she heard the rustling coming from the rubble where the lighthouse once stood. Her impulse to inspect was both willful and hesitant since earlier, she knew, that was the same spot she had discarded her used, crumpled, obscene tampon and the rustling both excited and disturbed her. She quickly and simultaneously activated her radar, heat sensing, 5mm rocket, infra-vision and pre-lubed the walls of her aftermarket, 2nd generation, EXTC-17 vagina.

While the thought of alien penetration flustered the steel springs of her heaving, synthetic, light pink cunt lips, she couldn’t formulate (properly) the sensible computations for the invasive barrage of images resembling the stock memory of her humanoid father sprinkling the white spatter of creamy human goo across her sleeping face. She pushed the humiliation of her youth and the impulse to find a safe place in the wasteland to masturbate to her thoughts and moved towards the rubble, leaving the gutted, emasculated corpse of another assassin behind her.

Strangely, with no construct of mathematical logic, she released her rockets and decimated the earth within a 2.7 mile radius all around her; screaming hysterically and inexplicably, while the napalm aura engulfed her and rose to the heavens.

When she woke, the sky had cleared and sand had turned to glass and her metallic skin radiated the heat of her vengeance; no one fucks for free, she thought, no one fucks for free, ever again! The anguish of her digital scream resounded through the aftermath of charred earth and unfamiliar emotion and only died down as the sand moved and crept and gelled into the solid mass of her father who looked at her and sternly and uttered, “Bitch, there’s no escaping daddy’s cock,” and then slapped his “Svetlana” with the cold force of his backhand.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Coming to a Mall Near Me...And You Too.

This is not a picture of the Del Amo Mall as it stands today. It is what it may look like within the next couple of years. I love a great mall and without apology, I will come forward and admit that, despite all of my anti-consumer rhetoric, I like heading out from time to time and browsing the shelves of the Gamestops, Brookstones and Suncoast Video store. There is something genuinely American about having a Pakistani, Kiosk operator try to sell me a Chinese made Che' Guevara, Ipod protector or rhinestone encrusted, diamond shaped belt buckle. That's why, I was so incredibly distraught by a visit I paid to the Del Amo Mall this weekend. The Del Amo is the former holder of the world's largest mall and has appeared prominently in Bad Santa, Jackie Brown and Valley Girl. At any time of day the Del Amo is packed to the rafters with eager shoppers, dropping bundles of cash on shit they don't need. So, when my wife suggested we go to the mall, the day after Independence Day, in the middle of the afternoon, I was expecting to relive a scene from a Romero flick. However, that did not happen. Instead, it appears that this mighty fountainhead of capitalism, has been ravaged by the DEPRESSION (YES, we are in a DEPRESSION!).
Many of the stores, have been closed down and operations in the ones still up and running have been scaled down considerably. The post-apocalypse consumers wander the corridors like going into any of the shops will give them leprosy; it is a sad thing to see. With few exceptions, the mall is a former shadow of itself. People are buying at the Gamestop; perhaps a reflection of the desire to escape the misery of life in the wake of the Bush years. The Chinese chair massage guy nearly tackled me when I walked past his shop; now empty except for the faint smell of patchouli and ass. Even Brookstone, where they were trying to sell self-sustaining eco-systems (a couple of dwarf frogs, a bamboo shoot and a snail in a tiny plastic bowl) at $40 a pop, has resorted to slashing prices on the other useless shit they sell.
People are walking the mall, staring at the things they wish they could buy, take home and let depreciate on a shelf somewhere; being unable to afford even a months supply of weight loss tea, most of the consumers are left staring at those few who are walking around with bags of merchandise. Oddly enough, while we are all in an economic shit storm, there are some of us who can still afford vacations, shopping sprees at the mall and driving SUVs that get 4 miles to the gallon. I'm baffled by the new dynamic of our economy and I'm left wondering when this terrible shit is going to end; though if you ask Joe Biden, he and BO had no clue it was as bad as it really is until just recently.
I think perhaps it's time to re-examine why we let the same people who have brought this mess on us, continue to keep what is not theirs for the keeping. Of course, the Rush Limbaughs of this world, have got the NASCAR fans and Sarah Palinites convinced that if you tax the shit out of the rich, they will hide "their" money and we will suffer worse for it. I would argue that, in this depression and long before it, they managed to hide "their" money just fine. The difference is that now, all one has to do is go to a shopping mall if you want to see them hide it in plain sight.

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