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Friday, July 24, 2009


Dear Sweet god, can the scared, racist, stupid assholes of this nation get any more pathetic? So now it seems BO is a Kenyan not to mention Arab, Muslim, terrorist. It just doesn't get any more sick minded and sad. Apparently, the idiots at Fox News and Lou "I hate brown people" Dobbs couldn't find anything else to fuck with BO about and have chosen this overtly racist, pseudo-patriotic heap of bullshit to go after our boy with. Here's a great link to Huff post, where you can watch Colbert rip the idiot that started this non-sense. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/07/29/colbert-vs-crazy-stephen_n_246700.html
Incidentally, this moron is a Russian immigrant, which I find particularly disgusting. Kind of like when Arnold suggests that immigrants should be forced to speak English; the shit just doesn't make sense. Don't let anyone tell you differently. At the core of their arguments there is pure, unadulterated racism and fear of the "other". These people, and allow me to point out that they are mostly old, white, hard-core, republican types, simply cannot wrap their diseased little minds around the fact that the rest of this country is ready to move beyond the bullshit baggage of race. In order to do this, however, we need to engage in a discussion of historical injustices, inequality and they must come to terms with their fears, as well as, lose the desire to return to a time when people of color smiled and nodded and accepted that they, white, racist mother fuckers, ran shit in this country. Those days are gone; long gone and will never return. Get over it and stop letting your fear control your emotions. We people of color already know what happens when whitey gets scared. They react violently and irrationally; no? not true? I submit to you that the last time whitey was this scared a federal building got blown to shit; and the weird part, the president was one of them, he was just cool with black people. My advice, be careful around white folk you don't know; some of them want to return to a time when white men were kings and the rest of us had to grin and bear it and there is no easier way to dismiss the accomplishments of people of color than to question and challenge their right to call themselves Americans.

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