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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Senate Judicial Hearings

Let's begin with a question: Why must people of color abandon, recant or otherwise ignore history, personal experience and observations when seeking office in these United States? Why has Sonia Sotomayor been made to apologize for her "wise Latina statement? Why was Obama taunted by the media and racist whiteys during the Jeremiah Wright flap? Could it be that old "there goes the neighborhood" mentality kicking in? Ask any person of color and they will tell you; at some point in their life they have had to justify why they "deserve" to be in that school, car, house, restaurant, bar, supermarket, university... the list goes on, but my point is that when we strive to move forward in this society it's like we have to go through this bullshit detector that only we have to pass through. White folk don't have to answer for their racist ancestors or their family's role in the violent, racist past of this nation, when they "move up." So why do we have to proove we aren't pissed at whitey? Sotomayor and BO both had to go through it and it's the most painful thing to watch, because it's like these evil crackers are going to decide whether they are worthy to represent US. It's as if, these individuals have to declare that they are not pissed off enough that they would seek revenge on whitey for the evils of the past and that furthermore, they can go back and tell the others that Whitey ain't so bad and we can all quit being uppity. Sickening the whole fucking thing; it sickens me to see that racist piece of shit Lindsey Graham, who happens to be from one of the most historically racist, evil places on earth, roll his fucking eyes when he says, in regard to the PRLDF's stance on the death penalty, "that the death penalty should be stricken, because it has -- it's a form of racial discrimination." So, here is a man so completely consumed by his racism that he doesn't even know when he's being a racist (Look up his remarks concerning Japanese American concentration camps during WWII) and he's demanding an apology from one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century, because she had the balls to allude to her personal history as being the reason for why she is better prepared to be a judge. Maybe having whitey shit on her did prepare her and make her wiser and I for one don't see why she can't say so. The solution is rather simple for white folk; if you don't want people of color hating on you then, as the great Pat Parker wrote, "First, forget that I'm black and second don't ever forget that I'm black." In other words, relate to me as me, but don't' dismiss my experiences with your people as some bullshit that I just need to get over. See how simple that is?

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