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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chicken Shit is the New Donkey.

I move that we officially change the symbol of the Democratic party from Donkey to a big steaming pile of chicken shit. The super majority we gave them means nothing; they have finally shown their true colors, yellow like a motha fucka, and will be, in all likely-hood, caving in and allowing the republicans to strike the public option from universal health care legislation. It appears that all of those paranoid, Palin in 12', xenophobic, town hall, wackos will have their way after all. The republican hate machine has done it again and in the face of even the slightest chance of a fight, even a good one, the dems have done what one can always count on them to do; take a big shit on their constituents, quietly take the envelope under the table and make excuses for their short, shriveled up balls; all while trying to claim a victory. Three words come to mind; sad, sick and pathetic.

That universal health care is even a matter for debate is beyond comprehension, but that the stupid assholes at those townhall meetings, the very ones who would benefit from universal health care, have all but managed to shut down the most progressive legislation since the 65' Medicaid act, is un-fucking-real. How can anyone be so stupid as to think that Americans don't deserve to have the burden of the most expensive health care system in the world lifted from their backs? How can we justify fighting two wars on the other side of the globe, maintaining 250 military installations (and counting) around the world, sending robots to Mars, paying health industry CEOs million dollar salaries http://blogs.webmd.com/mad-about-medicine/2007/08/ceo-compensation-who-said-healthcare-is.html (this is a link to that left wing, socialist, class warfare inciting website, WebMD) and living in a country with more millionaires, billionaires and the highest GDP in the history of the world and yet, universal health care is evil and a construct of socialist nudniks who want to bankrupt us all?

At this point in our nation's filthy rich history, I'm wondering how we don't have free, universal, weed and liquor, door to door home delivery. In fact, how the fuck is it that we are in a depression with all of those rich mother fuckers running around trying to hide their (?) money in off shore accounts, buying yachts, helicopters and private jets in record numbers and with all of that taxpayer money that is going towards bailing their asses out (I guess socialism is only good in some instances, if you don't believe me just ask those mother fuckers in the weapons industry; American socialism has made them ultra-mega-super-fucking rich for decades now)?

The only Americans suffering through a depression right now are sick, weak, uneducated, under-employed, old, young and above all poor! This isn't a call to class warfare. That call went out decades ago and the ones who have gained the high ground and dug themselves in are the power brokers who have been aware of their status from the moment they were pulled out of platinum lined crotches and whose only job it is is to wait for their trust funds to mature. Our troops haven't made it to the battlefield; in fact, they're not even roused out of their bunks yet. You want free health care in this country? You're going to have to bleed for it.

Friday, August 07, 2009

The Battle of Mexico Part II

OK, honestly I don't know if I'm falling victim to Media hype so, take this post with a huge grain of salt. However, I've been following the inevitable collapse of the Mexican government for several years now and this last story seems to be par for the course. Apparently, there is a group of Mexican Special Forces guys calling themselves "Las Zetas" (an ominous name, not a family one like most of the other cartels; which totally creeps me out) and they are apparently doing a lot of the dirty work for the cartels when they themselves are not handling their own business. Imagine a bunch of Blackwater mercs taking over a town in America and going around exporting drugs, assassinating police and politicians and raising an army to take over more and more territory. If these things are true and not just your typical, run of the mill, racist nonsense that one should expect from the American media, then this will end badly and I assure you not at the US/ Mexico border; these cats are already reportedly operating in the US. I'm not advocating US intervention, the last 100 years of US intervention in Mexico has caused enough damage; however, something must be done to restore some semblance of order to Mexico. The shit is getting out of control and I'm afraid for loved ones not to mention I'd really like to be able to visit without the irrational fear of being chopped into pieces and being stuffed in a barrell to rot looming over me.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Kowabunga Dude!

I forget that I live a short 8 miles from the beach; correction, I live 8 miles from one of the nicest beaches in SoCal if not certainly the whole of the South Bay. So, I went out this week and spent every morning on the sand watching my son take his surf lessons. Well, every morning except the one following a nasty spell with sunburn. I forget that we are living in a post global warming era and the sun is far brutal than it has been, probably since before the age of Oxygen. I got toe' up and my shoulders still feel tight. Sunblock is not just for pussies anymore. Even us old school beach bums must use it. I got a little bit of writing done this week, though not much and I blame it on the waves, man. God, I love the waves. This beats corporate America all to hell; I'm never going back to work in a fucking office. If it ever comes to that, I'll walk into that ocean and never turning back.

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