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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Kowabunga Dude!

I forget that I live a short 8 miles from the beach; correction, I live 8 miles from one of the nicest beaches in SoCal if not certainly the whole of the South Bay. So, I went out this week and spent every morning on the sand watching my son take his surf lessons. Well, every morning except the one following a nasty spell with sunburn. I forget that we are living in a post global warming era and the sun is far brutal than it has been, probably since before the age of Oxygen. I got toe' up and my shoulders still feel tight. Sunblock is not just for pussies anymore. Even us old school beach bums must use it. I got a little bit of writing done this week, though not much and I blame it on the waves, man. God, I love the waves. This beats corporate America all to hell; I'm never going back to work in a fucking office. If it ever comes to that, I'll walk into that ocean and never turning back.

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