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Saturday, September 19, 2009


I have only submitted work 2 times now to two different places and I have had both of the pieces accepted and published. So, I think my head got a little big and I sort of expected, that being so awesome at the writing thing would be quickly acknowledged by everyone and my mad skills would not be questioned when I submitted a third time. Well, I was wrong and I got my first rejection letter today. it's cool. I'm ok, I'll be fine... FUCK THOSE MOTHER FUCKERS! Who the fuck do they think they are? Crab fucking Orchard can kiss my Cuban ass. Just cuz they are one of the biggest and most respected and admired lit journals in the midwest and the US and quite possibly the world, doesnt' mean they have any right to humiliate me like this. I bet they think they're better than me? Well, who needs you Crab Orchard? More like Crabby Ass Old White Man Orchard. They just didn't like that the story I wrote (a work of art, a masterpiece and tale of biblical proportions) was about a cop in my old neighborhood in Pilsen. They were the ones who asked for stories about Illinois and that's what I gave them. RACISIM! RACISIM! They are racially profiling me. I write this incredible story and instead of begging me to write another one what do I get? A letter thanking me for my submission and asking me to try again? Well, it's not good enough! You will beg at my feet and throw dirt on your head. You will weep and offer me your children as slaves. You will promise me all the riches I can ever imagine, but you will never, ever have my precious work in your cheap, shit rag of a literary journal! Do you hear me? NEVER...

I want my mommy... (sniff, sniff)...

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