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Monday, October 05, 2009

La Douchies

I pull up to the Manhattan Beach post office and there are a couple of LaRouchies hanging out in front with their usual World-Bank-Zionist-Congress-Conspiracy bullshit, posters and I walk right past them, because it's just not worth my time to argue with deranged psychopaths. But, as I'm waiting in line I can sense that people are in a foul mood and their eyes are wondering around and their making eye contact with me and they all have that, "we really need to talk about this" look on their faces. I, however, am not inclined to carry on a conversation with strangers about anything more offensive than how cold it's getting, how warm it's getting or what my favorite brand of condoms is; since moving out here I have developed a great, "I won't fuck with you, if you don't fuck with me" laid-back, SoCal attitude.
So, I pay for my shit and start walking out of the post office, with every intention of walking to my car without so much as looking at the assholes out front. However, as you can imagine, our hero is not about to get off the hook that easily. This tall, golf tee wearing, white, Larouchie fuckface says to me with a big "I use cat shit for toothpaste" grin, "So, you like our poster?" I look over and these idiots have a picture of BO with a little Hitler mustache; like that shit is supposed to be funny.
I lost it on the guy. I really lost it. I asked him why he doesn't just come out and say that he's a white supremacist like the skin heads do; just be honest about the shit, right? Dude, comes back with, "Oh, just because I don't agree with Obama, I'm a racist. That's bullshit." Now, normally I'm all for challenging ideas and exchanging intelligent, rational thoughts for the sake of coming to some common understanding of issues; but that was just the wrong shit to say. I'll assume that this idiot had at least the capability of being a reasonable, intelligent person; so how can he ignore this nation's history of racism, oppression, systematic violence and murder perpetrated upon people of color? How can a person be so ignorant of this nation's racist violence and the racist violence of the Nazis that they would actually think that a poster that looks like the one above is anything but racist. Well, I boys and girls, have taken off the gloves. I am from this point forward confronting these racist assholes wherever they might hide. All of these Glen Beck, Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh worshiping morons are on notice; I know what you are and I'm going to call you out on your bullshit every time; these are white nationalism, white supremacy, white power, call them what you want, racist movements and if the Dems and the progressives out there want to continue the charade of trying to build some kind of consensus on issues with these bunch of sickos, then fuck all of them too. I'm going to call it like I see it and from now on when I see this sick, depraved, shit, I don't care if it's somebody's 80 year old granny out there, they are going to get an earful of what I gave this mental deficient in front of the post office today; "NO, asshole! What's racist is you comparing this nation's first black president to the perpetrator of one of the worst genocides in human history; THAT'S WHAT MAKES YOU A FUCKING RACIST! SO, FUCK YOU!!" And that, is how you deal with those mother fuckers.

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