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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stick the Bastard!

I ran out this weekend and picked up Windows 7. It's supposed to run leaner and meaner, so considering what a nightmare Vista has been, I was pretty stoked. I also happened upon a MacBook Pro 13 and now that I'm TAing I got a couple of greenbacks I can part with, so I pick one of those up too. I get home and start loading Win7. Two hours later, I keep getting error messages and when I look over my wife is on the couch with the new Mac. She had loaded all of the software that we got for the Mac and had been checking out all of the pre-loaded stuff and was on the net, etc... 20 minutes after she cracked the seal on the box and here I was 24 hours later still trying to load this piece of shit program on my Dell mini. 4 days later Word won't open files directly from the desktop unless the program is open, IE constantly shuts down all on it's own and freezes up, my Kapersky anti-virus was corrupted and needed to be reloaded and I'm still downloading the Win updates. All of this aggravation for the completely reasonable price of $149 and oh, did I mention that I ultimately had to reformat my drive and reload all of my software to get Win7 to load? Yeah, the error message I kept getting was that the program needed 13kMB; strange indeed considering that I had 13MB of space. Those trust me commercials are right on the nose. I'm a sucker and I admit it. Dick face over here got my money. It's the only product you buy that comes already broken, the store refuses to take it back and it's your responsibility to fix it. And the Mac? Well, I haven't seen it since my wife got her hands on it; but I have another payday coming up soon.

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