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Thursday, November 18, 2010


I know, I know, everybody is bummed out over the election. The world is coming to an end, the dream is over and so much for change, hope and all the other bullshit we were promised. Look, the problem is we have a two party system; plain and simple, just like that. There is the corporate fuckface party and the corporate fuckface party lite. The structure is not about to cave in to a bunch of dirty ex-hippies, brown people and other undesirables. We are the great unwashed, the massive herd and as Bill Maher pointed out this week, on his show, the electorate is a dumb dog that responds only to intonation and fear.
Now, the good news: The Republicans won by small margins across the board, mostly in traditionally Red places and the overwhelming majority of PROGRESSIVE Dems held on to their seats. The reality is the voters that came out a couple of years ago told the Dems to get bent this time around and let's face it they had good reason. If you were gay you were pissed off about DADT and marriage, Latinos were pissed about immigration, middle aged white folk panicked over jobs and young people weren't really pissed just too stoned to remember to come out and vote for prop 19 (seriously, where were you guys?). Basically, everybody had something to gripe about so we all stayed home. The problem with not going to the polls and supporting the Dems is that now we have two years to look forward to where government will not only fuck us ALL over, it will do it very slowly and clumsily. I think that the next two years of the Obama presidency will make the Clinton years look like the Carter era. Fear, paranoia and hatred are in the forecast and we have only ourselves to blame; we punished the Dems thinking they will listen now, but the Dems take their defeats as a signal that they have to move further right every time. We have shown the establishment what can happen when Blacks, Latinos, women, gays, progressives, smart people and stoners get together. The problem is we backed a gelding instead of a stallion. Obama may win re-election if he stops acting like the dumb kid in eighth grade that ate his own boogers at lunch, hoping to make friends with the bullies. Maybe in 2012, we'll get a president that has a set; RUN HILLARY RUN!

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