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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Rich Will Taste Delicious

I watched this show called "Undercover Boss" and for those who haven't seen it, it's a reality show where they take some rich fuck that runs a company and ignores his employees then they disguise him and plop him down on the shop floor with the great unwashed morlocks that sweat so that he can take month long vacations in Fiji twice a year.  Apparently, this recycled Daddy Warbucks rich, middle-aged, white dude with a golden heart narrative is all the rage these days.  Whereas, we used to be invited into the world of the "rich-as-extravagant" (IE. "Cribs") or the "rich-as-spoiled-giggling-twats" (IE. Paris Hilton), the Hollywood junk pushers are trying to convince us that rich folk are warm hearted, generous to a fault, easy to relate to and just like anyone else.  Personally, I liked it better when they lived in gated communities and drove around in cars with smoked windows.  The final straw for me is a remake of Arthur staring Russell Brand.  The last thing I want is a remake of one of my favorite movies where Arthur goes from being a guy who doesn't care about money to being a guy who is desperate to keep his wealth.  It's just to close to the truth, except of course in real life rich, greedy bastards will throw you and your newborn out of your home and let your ailing 80 year old mother starve to death before going without.  Brand's Arthur is, according to the synopsis I read, hard up to hang on to his wealth and ends up doing all kinds of wacky things to do it.  *UGH*
There is an incredible amount of talk about class warfare these days.  Of course, it is only worthy to comment on it when it's a poor person, a union worker or an average schmuck complaining about how one-sided the distribution of wealth has become in this country.  It is now known that only 400 families in this country own as much wealth as the lowest 155 million of us.  If you ask me this country has been in a state of perpetual class warfare and the great herd have been under siege since well before Annie was living the hard knock life.  This inability to see ourselves as victims or targets may be a social phenomenon, but I believe that it is the effective use of propaganda used by those in power since the time of the great labor struggles in this country, that is responsible for how blind we are to the simplest and most basic need of most species in the animal kingdom; Self-fucking-preservation.  Look back to the 20s and 30s and you will see how these class struggles played out the same way they do now and it's no coincidence that those struggles coincide with the birth of the PR industry (Don't take my word for it; look up Edward Bernays or what Chomsky referred to as, "The Mohawk Valley Formula").  Americans are convinced that we, who are not filthy rich at the moment, have a pretty good shot at it and that it is only a matter of time before we hit the lottery, inherit an estate or find a leprechauns pot-o-gold at the end of a rainbow.  If there is one message the middle class in this country should be bombarded with daily it is that, we have absolutely nothing in common with Trump, Gates, Buffet, the Kochs (evil fucking bastards if ever there were any; Bond villain evil)or Hilton and as such,we need to start looking out for our own interests.  This is, of course, not likely as long as we are drawn to shows about hicks getting rich off of digging for gold in Alaska or buying storage units that were abandoned by people who couldn't afford them any longer.  GET A CLUE!  You have a better chance of getting hit on the head by a meteor than becoming a millionaire, billionaire or even a hundred-thousandaire for that matter.  The people who control wealth in this country know it and have used your delusion against you for decades! Now if only there were some way to get this message across to people; a vehicle by which to inspire thoughtful democratic dialogue, promote a genuine sense of social responsibility and awareness of good old fashioned American egalitarian values.  Hmmm, I wonder?  How'd they do it Tunisia and Egypt?

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