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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Like Sunshine and Rain

Let me get this out in the open first: I did not know that bin laden was fish food until the day after it happened.  Pardon my ignorance, but the regularly schedule program was boring and I desperately needed to catch up on Californication.  The following morning I saw the headline in the hands of a fella who was waiting for his five dollar foot long and YES I gave him a high five.  This was a visceral reaction to an event that was important for me to put closure to, because I, like the rest of the country and most of the world had been traumatized over a decade ago and been unable to process it to it's conclusion.  In other words, YES, I was happy the fucker was finally dead.  In retrospect, not my finest moment.  I should have reflected upon his death and unlike that dickhead, the Dalai Lama, forgiven and forgotten.  Fear not, dear reader, unlike his holiness, I have not gone reactionary or lost my fucking mind like those assholes at Faux Gnewz (welcome to Bizarro World).

Speaking of bad decisions, we should never have designated this operation codename: "Geronimo."  Yes, that was totally insensitive, not to mention ignorant of historical facts and Yes totally racist.  Geronimo was the name of a brave Apache warrior who fought against U.S and Mexican expansion, was betrayed by those who captured him, as well as, a handful of his own troops and ultimately denounced his decision to surrender to the duplicitous white devil.  OBL was a spoiled, rich, dickhead. who brainwashed his followers into committing mass murder, told them to live in caves while he lived it up in a million dollar mansion until he was killed and (allegedly: see my post) spent his last moments, hiding behind his old lady.  They had nothing in common except that both of them pissed off whitey to the point that thousands of people died in the process of their pursuit.  The next time we go after the world's most notorious terrorist (anyone who lived through Abu-Nidal knows there will be) we'll call it operation "Crush the Cracker" and then we'll be square.

OBL was a bad dude; no doubt.  He went ape shit, because of his devotion to a backwards-assed religion (as they all are, in my humble opinion).  He decided that human beings suck so bad, that 3 thousand of them should die in a single blow.  But, let's also remember that Saddam was far worse.  He killed hundreds of thousands over decades and that doesn't include the torture or the war vs Iran that he started (reportedly).  I don't recall anyone outside of Iraq dancing in the street to his death.  Over 300K died on the command of Harry Truman and people didn't take to the streets in ticker tape parades to celebrate those deaths (they celebrated the end of a horrible war).  So, why would Americans, who so vehemently decried the celebration, in parts of the Middle East, of the fall of the twin towers in 01', take to the streets (and the net) to espouse their love for the grim reaper's work?  I believe that the celebrations we saw post OBL were nothing more than a brief sigh of relief.  That's it!

Just as my first reaction was to high five a stranger a couple days ago, so was my reaction to stare into a stranger's eyes, longing for consolation the morning of September 11th.  Many of us felt that we were connected to an event that made us feel hopeless, unable to control our own destiny and terrified of what was around every corner on that day and our confusion led us to a place where we did some weird shit.  That's it.  That's all there is to it.  We aren't evil.  We don't love death.  We aren't being racist or depraved, homicidal, predators.  We are a people who were pushed under for a long time and now we have come up for air.

We've spent ten years walking this earth like heavily-armed, zombies; unsure of who the enemy really is and only knowing that hunger burns in our bellies.  A hunger that has driven us to turn on each other when the brains have holed up in a shopping mall.  Now, all of a sudden, things are different.  We're baaaaack!  This is a good thing and quite frankly if it means dopey college kids do the running man at Ground Zero, I can't blame them.  They're doing what dopey college kids do; look for excuses to party and avoid using the left sides of their brains.  As for myself, I'd like to say that I was enlightened enough to have suppressed the urge to chant USA! USA! USA!  But, the truth is, I haven't felt like chanting that since we elected our first black president and I can't think of when the last time before that was; maybe around the same time I was young and dumb enough to not understand the difference between joy and pain.

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